Malawi fast tracking cannabis cultivation permitting

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Malwai MPs have unanimously voted to pass cultivation of hemp varieties in effort to circumvent the downturn of tobacco sales as farmers are now becoming increasingly concerned about demand dwindling of tobacco leaf exports.

Malawi Parliament just today passed the Cannabis Regulations Legalization Bill thanks to assistance from our resident colleague who has recently presented the offer of technical assistance from AWOJPL.

The bill is on its way to decriminalize hemp and its many medicinal properties and will enable its commercial cultivation.

The bill was originally presented by former legislator Boniface Kadzamira was backed by legislators with the statement “It is better to regulate the hemp industry to help the economy grow rather than to prosecute advocates by taking away the basic fundamental right to natural medications.”

The Malawi Farmers Happy Growing Crop Insurance Program!

The new legislation now allows for the local agricultural authority to begin the process of licensing farmers to grow the crop for medical market demands.

For Malwai farmers interested in purchasing our seed products and benefit from the many strains already licensed worldwide

We take pride in taking credit with collaboration of our colleague serving as our company envoy Mr George W.C.

Contact us at AWOJPL c/o Wardens Subsidies Unit House 4th Fl Victoria Ave, Blantyre Malawi.

If you are not able to visit the office to apply for your gardening permit pls forward your request to PO Box 1790.

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