Medical Marijuana Investment Program

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An International Trust is private, and protects all assets. We now preparing an International Discretionary Financial Trust. Some of the wealthiest people in the world have them that they conduct business from.

Our focus is on inviting others to earn 30% on their investment with the licensing company responsible for the development of the Portugese Cannabis Recreational Centers. It’s not that difficult or hard. And for investors we do not need to move your money.

We want to share with you our Wealth Building Structures. And we will reward you with a guarantee of 30% ROI every year your money stays in your own personal bank account. Do not send your money to someone else.

In addition to the Administrative Hold which AWOJPL, the Fund Manager performs. Our Wealth Manager will provide a Surety Bond that’s basically a performance bond to guarantee your ROI and secure the fund earnings regardless of the street side financial performance.

Since your funds are not touched and remain in your control there is NO RISK! Anyone that wants you to transfer your money to them is commonly a scam. Don’t do it. Over 95% of the people I speak to have lost money because they transferred money to someone else.

The cannabis market in Sunny Portugal is in its infancy. As Portugal’s only licensed cannabis seed bank it is our responsibility to provide the essential financial services that are critical to licensing the cannabis economy, not just on the mainland but throughout the entire Portuguese world.

For more information kindly fill out a contact for at your convenience.

Kind Regards
Fernando Henrique Cabral Reis
Systems deployment & process integration specialist
AWO Jet Propulsion Lab U Lda

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