Midevil Remedies to mix your Cannabis Tincture With

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For most small daily ailments, your grandmother has an infallible trick! But if you add your CBD or THC tinctures to these, your problems can disappear even sooner.

1. Aloe vera against canker sores

It is often said that, whatever you do, an aphtha will cause you to suffer nine days, between its appearance and its total disappearance. However, there are many ways that, if they do not disappear, will alleviate the pain they cause.
Aloe vera is a plant known for its antibiotic and analgesic properties.

Used to treat many common ailments, it is less known for its action against canker sores. And yet, using it as a mouthwash, after having diluted its pulp in a little water, will be of great comfort if your canker sore makes you suffer .

2. Clay against insect bites

Just like those of aloe vera, the benefits of green clay no longer have to prove themselves. To use it against insect bites, the poultice method will be the most appropriate.

To make it, use green clay already transformed into a paste, or make one from clay powder. Add to your mixture one to two drops of lavender essential oil and apply this mixture on your insect bite. Let dry and rinse gently. You can repeat this operation as soon as the itch comes back .

3. Star anise against digestive disorders

Also known as “star anise” and recognizable by its beautiful dried flower form, badian will be very useful if you suffer from digestive problems.

To use it against these disorders, prepare a decoction from four star of star anise and a large cup of water, which you will boil for a few minutes . Once the fire is out, let infuse another 10 minutes then drink, preferably before going to bed. Good to know: star anise can also be used against bronchial irritation.

4. Honey against burns

Honey is well known for its soothing virtues in case of irritation of the throat. Consumed in hot water, or even with a spoon, he almost immediately calms the pain.

Its soothing action against skin burns is less known, but just as effective . To use it on small surfaces and on a light burn, it is enough for you to apply it in mask and to let rest about fifteen minutes. You can reproduce this operation, at will, if your wound makes you suffer again.

5. Chamomile against aches

If you’ve done more sports than usual, and you fear the onset of aches the next day, several tips exist. You can drink a beer, eat an orange, massage with lavender oil …

And you can also use chamomile! Recognized for its soothing effect, it is consumed in herbal tea before sleeping. This relaxing virtue will have exactly the same effect on your muscles, but rather than drinking an herbal tea, make a decoction of Roman chamomile that you have diluted in one liter of cold water before bringing everything to a boil and pouring your potion, once cooled, in a good warm bath. 

6. Cinnamon against colds

The cinnamon has the power to re-boost your immune system. Throughout the winter, it will be very useful to fight the many colds that you will catch.

To use it for this purpose, you can combine it with honey and lemon, also known for its beneficial effect on our immune system . A simple recipe: mix two teaspoons of honey, a pinch of cinnamon and the juice of half a lemon in 200 ml of warm water. Mix, drink, breathe!

7. An onion against fatigue

Winter is often the season of fatigue that many people try to fight with vitamins that are often expensive. What if an onion was enough to get better?

Very rich in vitamins, the onion is your health ally. And to use it against fatigue, you just need to boil for 20 minutes a liter of water in which you put the equivalent of a sliced ​​onion . Then drink this preparation, regularly, for two days, and renew as soon as you feel weak again.

8. Eucalyptus against bronchitis

Eucalyptus is well known for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antitussive properties. And winter medicines for cough, bronchitis or flu are regularly made from this plant.

In a very natural way, you can make yourself a potion against these bad season by concocting an inhalation. For this, add three drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a bowl of very hot water and breathe the water vapor for a few minutes . Do not hesitate to repeat this operation several times a day.

9. Figs against constipation

Against constipation, the benefits of fig, rich in fiber and magnesium, are almost instantaneous, so why deprive yourself?

The miracle trick is to soak four or five figs in a little water before going to bed. They will be ready to be eaten in the morning, and you will feel the effects quickly , especially if you associate with this diet some prunes, also known to fight against these intestinal ailments.

10. Ice cream for headache

There are probably as many migraines as there are migraine sufferers and the same cure will not necessarily work in an individual when he does miracles in someone else’s home. This is the case of ice, which in some causes headaches when it will relieve others.

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