News from Bandido Farms – Bandido Buds feminized seeds

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Available for Valentines Week Gifts – 500 Feminized Seeds of Each Strain

Starring 6 new varieties from Bandido Farms throughout the Tibet Plateau

The 3 strains that were included in the second cargo are from secluded anonymous planting areas as seen here…

The folks at the bank noticed some Inca Golden Haze, Zuma OG and a Blue Dream strain which is rare from SE Asia Pacific which was originally discovered in Puna Hawai’i that we call Puma Budder. All good quality replicas grown in remote donkey trail areas in a land I call Parts Unknown.

Some photos I seen that were smuggled out of the region showed indeed these plants have been sliced at the base and treated spikes are meticulously added to the base of the trees by local tribesman who sit under the canopy all day mastering their craft.

Due to “none of this real estate is for sale” we can only report on the winners at the harvest party:

A Proud distinction of #3 is this Emerald Wedding Cake strain on its 4th generation which already provides soothing and calming euphoric sensations. Loaded with up to 23% THC this potent flower has a desirable tangy blueberry-citrus flavor and aroma loved by fruity cannabis enthusiasts.

The prestigeous #2 is Hindustan KusKus. This close Second Place Winner originated from an isolated mountain at medium altitude in the Kush Mountains area which has since been perfected. And finally, a small quantity of the third gen seeds have finally started their way to our QC Labs in Portugal.

Contestant #1 Winner is a great knockoff from FAsT bUds presents its Bandido Buds Smoothiest …

Smoothiest – autoflower replica from Bandido Buds Smoothie – feminized seeds

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