Sprouting seeds with added nutes and soil on the shady side

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Remember boys and girls – proper humidity is as important as the sprouting nutes you feed our hard shell seeds.

Don’t give up your freedom of choice – we’re here to back you up!

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My fave method makes for 2 harvests over a 6 week of babysitting the sprouts for onward root setting.  A coco based soil mix works great with citrus tea leaves and ground banana peels watered with 3% peroxide alterating with aspirin, iron- nitrogen, phosphorus, gibberelic acid. The 6-6.5pH is maintained with your special onsite algae like we have at AWOJPL but you can substitute with lemon juice.

The special sprouting nutes and soil additives work to break down the potting soil and dissolve the plant oils and coco fiber.

Caution – over humidity will get your coffee and banana grinds molding and eat your sprouts. After 7.5 pH your frying your root arteries so …

keep to 6-6.5pH.

These are hardy seeds that once popped can go into a solo cup as small as 2 cubic inch for hardening the sprout into the veg.

We recommend you switch to old school sprouting methods – think more rural Thailand or Vietnam or Western Tibet, Mekong Valley or China-Russia border where natural ingredients bring a hardy hard shell seed that produces flavorful taste and aroma to cure your worries and repel your aches and pains.

Neem oil is also a good substitute for lime leaf tea or camomile or orange leaf and bay leaf teas in your sprouting soil mix.  So your shells can absorbe oil and iron with the nitrogen phos and potash, micorizhae in the humus provides phosphorus intake the kernel needs to grow its tap root.

When you include neem oil its important to think oxygen and oil is turned into protein thanks to nitrates.

Your seeds get oxygen from 3% peroxide in your 6-6.5pH water that your lemon juice fixes and asparin is a great root stim – works well in humans as well as plant arteries.

Give your seeds lots of oxygen and keep the shade on them so its 45 humidity daytime and 55 humidity at night and use moderate rotation of nutrients as well as airing out your setup if its under a bag. Aeration is a big deal. If you’re not able to get vulcanic soil like we have in Azores or Hawai’i, then keep a check on your top layer of soil to be sure it remains loose.

Don’t choke out the seeds with a ice cube tray sprouting method if you can avoid it. Use the open tub method of soil sprouting like the origin growers do and let the plants talk to each other.

Happy growing!

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