The future of automated cannabis farming

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The Robotic Farms Gravitational Cannabis Cultivating System is just $375,000

Finance with 6 months grace is available to qualified buyers. All others pls bring us the paper.

Robotic Farms has designed a system that will grow more cannabis per square foot than any other method available.

The system is available as plugin 40 foot container. Once the power is on you are ready to plant either 4752 or 3888 beans for your first crop.

You only need to fence in a level platform configured to your desired scale. A cloning room that can average 4000 sprouts monthly minimum is certainly an asset with this equipment. You can harvest more than 7 times per year vs 5 harvests with seeds only.

These systems can grow 80 to 92 pounds of dense flowers from clone to harvest every 47 to 69 days – that would be every 7 to 10 weeks you can expect a harvest. But do not worry if you don’t have a dedicated cloning facility because it only takes just 30 days or a month to veg your beans to start the flowering.

There are several advantages with rotary drum crops, especially within the cannabis sector.

  • maintenance free, zero pruning, no trellis required, TCO Reduction
  • truly organic
  • 95% less plant waste
  • lowest overhead considering the potential of 3888 or 4752 plants
  • 6 month water and energy supply with hot-swappable batteries

Robotic Farms has a creative financing partner for qualifying growers in business for 2+ years.

No money down and no payments for 3 to 6 months means the system starts to pay itself back immediately your clones or seeds get growing. Growers can expand without raising capital. Once your system is paid off, y’all are able to come back to continue expanding with a repeated program.

The Science of Gravity Growing

The wheels holding the crop rotate 50 times per day. These gravitational cycles enhance a carpeting effect on your crop.

At the top of the cylinder, each plant is fed a nutrient solution injection directly to the roots.

Lighting has all been preprogrammed into the system. A blacklight therapy is added 2 weeks prior to harvest creates more oils in the flowers, resulting in dense trichome-rich buds.

The Robotic Gravity Garden System   

A precise lighting and distance method is used. This is called the Consuming Lumens Principal Light Source and Cannabis Growth Relationship. The result is a precise lighting distance to the cannabis for maximum health and strength.  The principal is the same as “inverse-square law” – any physical law specified physical quantity strength is inversely proportional to the distance of the cannabis rotating inside the Robotic Gravity Growing System.

Adding gravity produces an exponential result from combining optimal lighting, gravity and nutrients, creating the most natural and 100% organic cannabis with highest yield per square feet.

With its high marks for sustainability and predictable productivity, Robotic farms keeps your crop safe and secure.

Construction of your very own Robotic Farms system takes just 30 days. The ease of design, combined with portability means a 50 to 75% increase in efficiency.

The containers maintain the optimal environment (temperature and humidity) more effectively and affordable than any other method of indoor farm. Due to the advanced automation, owners can maintain a consistent calculated output for years to come.

 Your Robotic Farms Unit also comes with a 10 year warranty.

The new system grows 216 plants inside a 3 foot radius x 3 foot wide wheel, or 600 plants inside a 5 foot radius x 6 foot wide wheel.

A variety of plant feeds can be used to manipulate different levels of desirable vitamins, minerals and nutrients to produce up to 24 variations of phenos at harvest, all from the same seeds.

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