Using Everclear to extract CBD/THC from cannabis

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An effective extraction process in small controlled batches is demonstrated here.

You will be using Everclear corn alcohol and MCT oil to produce quality medication.

THC and CBD are long chain oils while the MCT – medium chain triglycerides are smaller molecules that can coat the cannabis oils and thus allow you to better provide dosing and ease of encapsulation.

This video is now age restricted and can only be viewed on youtube …

Note from one reader that had the time to help out the community – hey thumbs up!

Professor Robin Remaily: I made a homemade little ‘still’ out of a stainless steel pressure cooler… first a metal tube out of the pot and then into a plastic tube and then coiled in a 5 gal plastic bucket full of ice… little hole in bottom of bucket with hose coming through and back into the everclear bottle… at $80 a gallon not gonna blow it all back into the air… only lost about 1/2 a pint when i got it all buttoned up right… how long to soak or how short a run through is up to you… I like fully soak for a long time in glass gal jar…yea I would say it’s all dark but tastes like hash… hashish ain’t exactly clear …

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